Anurag Deep is a seasoned Software Engineer with a multi-faceted skill set that spans across various domains of software development.

Anurag's technical prowess is not confined to a single language or framework. Whether it's front-end or back-end development, mobile or desktop applications, or even complex machine learning algorithms, Anurag possesses the ability to transform ideas into fully-functional software. His adaptability and problem-solving skills make him a versatile developer, capable of tackling any software-related challenge that comes his way.

He is most known for his startup, Qneus, never really took off. To aid doctors and researchers, he developed a Mixed Reality Software for the medical industry.

He spends much of his time Coding, but also enjoys reading, writing, and playing chess.

Anurag try to contribute to the technlogy by sharing his ideas and solutions to the world with the public diary for the greater good. He continues to work on several projects and collaborates with other developers/researchers to build/invent new projects/ideas.